A safe work environment means that businesses can operate effectively
and successfully while increasing employee performance and morale.

In terms of section 4(9) of the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act 2/2010, the Event Organiser must, for an event categorised as low risk, ensure the following:

  • A safety officer is appointed
  • A written safety plan is prepared dealing with safety measures, security measures, crowd management measures, motor vehicle parking arrangements, and emergency medical measures, including participant medical measures as contemplated in the National Health Act;
  • The above measures are put in place; and
  • The local police station is informed of the event details prior to the event.

Focusing on health and safety protects employees in every activity that they carry out. Health and safety also protects customers, the wider public as well as contractors working for a company.

The cost of workers compensation has a huge impact on the injured person, their family, the employer and the State. Improved health and safety can reduce these costs and contribute to better productivity and a healthier working life.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires that anyone who can affect health and safety must protect the well being of themselves and others. This applies to:

  • Every firm, however big or small
  • Employers
  • Employees
  • Self-employed
  • Contractors
  • Visitors
  • General public
  • Anyone affected by the business
  • Those on the premises unlawfully


The South African events scene has changed dramatically in the past decade, with more attention given to health and safety.

To this end, it has become a requirement for events to appoint a safety officer to ensure that all health and safety requirements are met and adhered to. Event Solutions can provide event organisers with experienced and capable safety officers.”